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ChristopherBunch.Org was launched on August 14, 2019. Within the first four month, the website was visited by over 75 thousand people in 5,555 cities in over 100 countries.  It ranks at the top, or in the top two, in search engines including Goggle, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Ask, AOL, and Dogpile, representing over 95% of the market shares worldwide. 

Through a custom and comprehensive digital strategy using the most advanced and up to date best practices, the website connects visitors to Christopher, his story, and his life, while allowing his family a place to honor their son. 

All strategy, design, development, and implementation is done on a volunteer basis by a friend and advocate of Christopher's family. 

For more information on the development of this site or to inquire about creating a site to honor your own child, please e-mail us at: